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Elegent::InterpolationModel Class Reference

Model that interpolates stored amplitude points. More...

#include <InterpolationModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for Elegent::InterpolationModel:

Public Member Functions

 InterpolationModel (unsigned int _N, double _t_min, double _t_max)
void Configure ()
virtual void Init ()
 sets up model parameters and data members
virtual void Print () const
 prints model info
virtual TComplex Amp (double t) const
 amplitude, t in GeV^-2, t < 0
virtual TComplex Prf (double b) const
 Profile function (amplitude in b-space). More...
double GetT (unsigned int idx) const
 returns the value of t corresponding to the point with index `idx' (between 0 and N-1 inclusively)
void SetPoint (unsigned int idx, const TComplex &v)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Elegent::Model
std::string CompileFullLabel () const
 compiles a human readable string from fullLabel
std::string CompileShortLabel () const
 compiles a human readable string from shortLabel
virtual void ForcePresampling (bool)
 Sets the presampling option, if available. More...

Public Attributes

unsigned int N
 number of points (samples)
double t_min
 the lower boundary
double t_max
 the upper boundary
double dt
 the t interval between two adjacent (equidistant) points
std::vector< TComplex > amp_data
 amplitude samples
- Public Attributes inherited from Elegent::Model
Label fullLabel
 full label (e.g. for figure legend)
Label shortLabel
 short label (e.g. for object names in ROOT files)

Detailed Description

Model that interpolates stored amplitude points.

Member Function Documentation

TComplex Elegent::InterpolationModel::Prf ( double  b) const

Profile function (amplitude in b-space).

Normalisation is such that \( Amp(t) = 2 p \sqrt{s} \int db b Prf() J_0(b \sqrt{-t}) \)

bin fm.

Implements Elegent::Model.

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