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MC generator of proton-proton elastic scattering events. More...

#include <Generator.h>

Public Member Functions

 Generator (const std::string &_file, const std::string &_path, double _t_min, double _t_max, unsigned int _verbosity=1)
unsigned int Init ()
void GenerateBase (double rn1, double rn2, HepMC::GenEvent *gE)
 generates one event provided two random numbers with uniform distribution on (0, 1)
void Generate (HepMC::GenEvent *gE)
 generates one event, using ROOT random number generator TRandom2

Static Public Attributes

static const int PID = 2212
static const int ElasticScattering = 91
static const int FinalState = 1
static const int NullState = 0

Protected Attributes

std::string fileName
 name of file containing the cumulative distribution function (CDF)
std::string modelPath
 path of the (CDF) within the file
double t_min
 |t| values in GeV^2, bounds for CDF
double t_max
unsigned int verbosity
 verbosity level (0 = no, 1 = normal, 2 = debug)
double E_cms
 [GeV] cms (one) proton energy
double p_cms
 [GeV] cms proton momentum
TGraph * icdf
 graph with inverse c.d.f.

Detailed Description

MC generator of proton-proton elastic scattering events.

All internal quantities are in GeV or in mm.

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