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Model of elastic pp scattering by Ferreira et al. More...

#include <FerreiraModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for Elegent::FerreiraModel:

Public Member Functions

void Configure ()
virtual void Init ()
 sets up model parameters and data members
virtual void Print () const
 prints model info
virtual TComplex Amp (double t) const
 Amplitude in t-space. More...
virtual TComplex Prf (double b_fm) const
 Profile function (amplitude in b-space). More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Elegent::Model
std::string CompileFullLabel () const
 compiles a human readable string from fullLabel
std::string CompileShortLabel () const
 compiles a human readable string from shortLabel
virtual void ForcePresampling (bool)
 Sets the presampling option, if available. More...

Protected Member Functions

double Psi (double ga, double t) const
 Eq. (19) in [1].
double R_ggg (double t) const
 Eq. (14) in [2].

Static Protected Member Functions

static TComplex Amp_J0 (double t, double *par, const void *vobj)

Protected Attributes

double a0
double al_i
double al_r
double be_i
double be_r
double ga_i
double ga_r
double la_i
double la_r
double N
 normalisation factor sqrt(s p^2 / pi)
double upper_bound_t
 integration variables
double precision_t
bool integ_workspace_initialized
unsigned long integ_workspace_size_t
gsl_integration_workspace * integ_workspace_t

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Elegent::Model
Label fullLabel
 full label (e.g. for figure legend)
Label shortLabel
 short label (e.g. for object names in ROOT files)

Detailed Description

Model of elastic pp scattering by Ferreira et al.

References: [1] arXiv:1408.1599v1 [2] A. K. Kohara, E. Ferreira, T. Kadama: Eur. Phys. J. C74 (2014) 11, 3175

Member Function Documentation

TComplex FerreiraModel::Amp ( double  t) const

Amplitude in t-space.

Normalisation is such that \( dsigma/dt = (\hbar c)^2 * \pi / (s p^2) * |Amp(t)|^2 \) Differential cross-section can be obtained as Constants::sig_fac * |Amp(t)|^2

tin GeV^-2, t < 0

Implements Elegent::Model.

TComplex FerreiraModel::Prf ( double  b) const

Profile function (amplitude in b-space).

Normalisation is such that \( Amp(t) = 2 p \sqrt{s} \int db b Prf() J_0(b \sqrt{-t}) \)

bin fm.

Implements Elegent::Model.

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