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Bourelly, Soffer and Wu model of p-p and p-anti p elastic scattering. More...

#include <BSWModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for Elegent::BSWModel:


struct  Trajectory
 a Regge trajectory More...

Public Types

enum  ModeType { mPomReg, mPom, mReg }
 available modes More...

Public Member Functions

void Configure (ModeType _mode=mPomReg, bool _presampled=true)
virtual void Init ()
 sets up model parameters and data members
virtual void Print () const
 prints model info
virtual TComplex Amp (double t) const
 Amplitude in t-space. More...
virtual TComplex Prf (double b) const
 Profile function (amplitude in b-space). More...
virtual void ForcePresampling (bool value)
 Sets the presampling option, if available. More...
double Ft (double t) const
 F(t), Eq. (4) More...
TComplex Rt (Trajectory tr, double t) const
 generic Regge trajectory amplitude, Eq. (7) More...
TComplex R0t (double t) const
 the sum of allowed Regge trajctories (A2, rho, omega) More...
TComplex S0 (double t) const
 S_0(s), Eq(3) More...
TComplex Omega0t (double t) const
 the Bessel transform of (s, b) in Eq. (2) More...
TComplex Omega0b (double b) const
 (s, b)
TComplex prf0 (double b) const
 the profile function with b in GeV^-1
void BuildSample (unsigned int samples)
 samples the prf0 function
TComplex SampleEval (double b) const
 interpolates (linearly) the sample at point b
- Public Member Functions inherited from Elegent::Model
std::string CompileFullLabel () const
 compiles a human readable string from fullLabel
std::string CompileShortLabel () const
 compiles a human readable string from shortLabel

Static Public Member Functions

static TComplex Omega0t_J0 (double t, double *par, const void *vobj)
static TComplex prf0_J0 (double b, double *par, const void *vobj)

Public Attributes

enum Elegent::BSWModel::ModeType mode
bool presampled
 flag whether the presampled mode is on
double c
 the pomeron exchange parameters
double cp
double a
double f
double m1
double m2
double asq
double m1sq
double m2sq
Trajectory A2
 the 3 Regge trajectories
Trajectory rho
Trajectory omega
TComplex regge_fac
 constants to resolve ambiguities in the source papers More...
signed int k_u
 u = -|u| exp(i * (2 k pi - pi))
signed int k_lnu
 ln u = |ln u| exp(i * (al + 2 k_lnu pi)), al = atan2(Im ln u, Re ln u) in (-pi, +pi)
double upper_bound_t
 integration variables
double precision_t
double upper_bound_b
double precision_b
bool integ_workspace_initialized
unsigned long integ_workspace_size_b
gsl_integration_workspace * integ_workspace_b
unsigned long integ_workspace_size_t
gsl_integration_workspace * integ_workspace_t
TComplex S00
double data_db
 the sampling-step size
unsigned int data_N
 the number of sampled points
std::vector< double > data_re
 the sampled real and imaginary values of prf0(b)
std::vector< double > data_im
- Public Attributes inherited from Elegent::Model
Label fullLabel
 full label (e.g. for figure legend)
Label shortLabel
 short label (e.g. for object names in ROOT files)

Detailed Description

Bourelly, Soffer and Wu model of p-p and p-anti p elastic scattering.

References: [1] BOURRELY C., SOFFER, J. and WU, T. T., Phys. Rev. D19 (1979) 3249 [2] BOURRELY C., SOFFER, J. and WU, T. T., Nucl. Phys. B247 (1984) 15 [3] BOURRELY C., SOFFER, J. and WU, T. T., Eur. Phys. J. C28 (2003) 97-105 [4] BOURRELY C., SOFFER, J. and WU, T. T., Eur. Phys. J. C71 (2011) 1601

Member Enumeration Documentation

available modes


both Pomeron and Reggeon contributions


only Pomeron contribution


only Reggeon contribution

Member Function Documentation

TComplex BSWModel::Amp ( double  t) const

Amplitude in t-space.

Normalisation is such that \( dsigma/dt = (\hbar c)^2 * \pi / (s p^2) * |Amp(t)|^2 \) Differential cross-section can be obtained as Constants::sig_fac * |Amp(t)|^2

tin GeV^-2, t < 0

Implements Elegent::Model.

virtual void Elegent::BSWModel::ForcePresampling ( bool  )

Sets the presampling option, if available.

This option determines whether calling Init would presample relevant distributions (typically b distributions) for faster Amp calls. This behaviour is, in contrary, undesirable for evaluating s distributions.

Reimplemented from Elegent::Model.

double BSWModel::Ft ( double  t) const

F(t), Eq. (4)

Eq. (4) in [3]

TComplex BSWModel::Omega0t ( double  t) const

the Bessel transform of (s, b) in Eq. (2)

Eq. (2) in [3] written in t-space (cf. Eq. (7) in [1]) S00 = S0(0) instead of S0(t) is used here, valid for high s only !!

TComplex BSWModel::Prf ( double  b) const

Profile function (amplitude in b-space).

Normalisation is such that \( Amp(t) = 2 p \sqrt{s} \int db b Prf() J_0(b \sqrt{-t}) \)

bin fm.

Implements Elegent::Model.

TComplex BSWModel::R0t ( double  t) const

the sum of allowed Regge trajctories (A2, rho, omega)

Sum over all allowed Regge trajectories, as defined in the text below Eq. (7) in [3]. version below.

TComplex BSWModel::Rt ( Trajectory  tr,
double  t 
) const

generic Regge trajectory amplitude, Eq. (7)

Eq. (7) in [3] NOTE: the equation is missing signs that make the difference between pp and app, corrected version below.

NOTE: as s0 = 1 GeV^2, it is simply left out of the formula below.

TComplex BSWModel::S0 ( double  t) const

S_0(s), Eq(3)

Eq. (3) in [3]

Member Data Documentation

TComplex Elegent::BSWModel::regge_fac

constants to resolve ambiguities in the source papers

Omega0 = S0*F + R0 / s / regge_fac

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